Following on the success Cool Stuff and How it Works, this spectacular book shows and explains, in a brilliantly visual and easy-to-understand way, exactly how the technology that shapes our world works. Taking the reader on an eye-opening journey from the engine of a hydrogen-fuelled car, into the virtual world of Second Life, and up the earthquake-proofed structure of the world’s tallest office building, learn about the science behind every machine and gadget, and find out when and how things were invented-from mobile phones and games consoles to smart cards and space planes. AUTHOR BIO: Chris Woodford graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences. For several years he worked as an information designer for IBM and then made a career change to publishing where he became an editor on specialist science and technology titles.

Dr Jon Woodcock graduated from Oxford University with a degree in physics before moving to the University of London where he was awarded a PhD for his work in astrophysics. He has worked in research and development for various hi-tech companies and now consults and writes on science and technology.

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