When you are hot cool off with Cool Off. Introducing Cool Off a natural, unique personal cooling towelette that refreshes, renews and reenergizes you anytime a quick cool down is needed, whether the temperature is hot, you’ve been participating in sports, fitness, or outdoor activities, experiencing a hot flash or your mood is fried. The ultra-soft towelettes come in convenient single-use portable packets that are infused with a clean-scented blend of natural cooling herbs, moisturizing botanicals and essential oils. You simply wipe on Cool Off and then press on the skin to build the chill. National research indicates that consumers report cooling effects up to an hour and a half with the average chill lasting 20 minutes.

Product Features

  • Convenient single-use portable packets
  • Clean scent
  • Use them anytime, anywhere
  • Keep them on hand In the car In gym or sports bags In totes or purses In bike pack In golf bag On construction sites In your pocket